General questions about electrolysis.
1)i am pretty sure that once your treatment is over the hair is gone forever. Correct?
2)how much can you have done in once course of treatment? Area wise. Or just a general idea.
3)can u have it any where? I mean how close to your eye etc. Can it go?
4) in the uk how old do u have to be to have it.
5) I hear it is expencive. How much are we talking?
6)how long does it take, each appointment and how many appointments do u need per course? How long from beginning of first session to end of the last?
7)how much does it hurt? Any side effects? How long does it take for your skin to look 'normal' again, as in I assume it goes red or summin, how long till that goes.

Finally anyone know any good places to go have it done? This question isnt as important. Any help with any of the above would be good.

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