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Pain in bones w/o weight lifting

hi i think im late but 26 female and i have the kind of the same things u guys said only that i dont weight lift.

mine is when i either put my arms out or when i do certain things around the house i feel this pain and then if i lay down on my belly or sleep either the left or right side i feel the pain even more especially when i sleep on my belly....

another one also is when i stretch my arms out towards me it hurts too.

when i touch the part where it hurts...i feel i dont know

did u guys ever go to see the doctor???? what did they say
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replied November 9th, 2007
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When was the initial time the pain first occurred?
Where is its location exactly?
Do you feel pain in some certain points or you have diffuse pain?
Can you think of any precipitating events, events that are initiating this pain?
Do you have constant pain that gets worse when you do certain things?
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