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Period is a week late ... Am I Pregnant!?!?!

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My boyfriend and I have only had sex four times and every time we have used protection (condoms) I know that this has no effect on whether or not I can become pregnant- It can happen at any time! As far as we know none of them broke or leaked, but my period is almost a week late! My breasts have been tender and definitely swollen for almost 3 weeks and I have had random "menstural-like" cramps for about 1.5 weeks now! It feels as if I am getting my period almost constantly but no such luck! I occasionally get headaches and feel the need to rest! I took a home pregnancy test on the day my period was due and it showed negative and then again three days later (I couldn't wait). This test also showed negative! I am quite concerned that I am pregnant despite the two earlier tests and it would be helpful if someone would reply with their thoughts as to whether or not they believe I might be pregnant. I have intentions of taking another pregnancy test in the next day or two if my period does not arrive! Thanks for the thoughts! Smile
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replied November 6th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
you had protected sex and the test were negative after your missed period

you are not pregnant
stress can cause a missed period so calm down!!!

it sounds like your irregular and its just late
its normal so stop freaking out
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