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Red rash like bumps on inner groin and scrotum

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i have noticed red rash like bumps on my inner groin area and scrotum that seem to get irritated after i workout and play hockey. each day iot tends to get a little better by the night and then the next day when i wake up it is also better, but then i workout again and play hockey and it starts to flare up. i also have what appears to be little skin tags after shaving my pubic area. are they warts? they are not close together and they seem to appear after shaving, i ripped one off and it bled but didnt come back. however i noticed a couple more the next time i shaved. they are very small u can barely see them and look like little skin tags. any help information would be appreciated . thanks
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replied November 6th, 2007
Hi, hockey_505.

Do your legs brush against each other a lot when you play hockey or work out? The rash you are experiencing in your groin area and scrotum could be skin irritation from too much contact and rubbing. It could also be heat rash. Try applying a moisturising skin cream when you wake up in the morning, and make sure it gets lots of air after you work out or play hockey.

As for the shaving.... if you shave the hair clean off, you can get ingrown hairs, or irritated hair follicles that can actually cause a tag-like appearance. Provided you are not unsafe when sexually active, I think this just might be a the problem. Try shaving WITH the grain of the hair next time, and you shouldn't encounter as many of these skin tags.

If the problem continues to persist with the rash, I would see a doctor about it.... Any type of rash around the penile region can get messy!
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