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16 weeks pregnant w/pains in lower tummy / groin area

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Im sixteen weeks and 1 days pregnant. I have felt flutters, very rare, infact only about once this week and a few during week 14. This is my 2nd pregnancy. (altho I have had a first trimester miscarriage before) Anyway I have had like back ache and some pains in my lower tummy/groin area since 3 nights ago. I cant decide if they are mestrual like pains or not but it is concerning me slighty. I did have backache earlier on in pregnancy and cramps but they went for a few weeks and now seem to have come back! Its not as if im dying with pain but its just enough to bother me. I have had no bleeding (thank god) so far and am still being sick! Midwife told me some people are unlucky enough to suffer with sickness throughout the whole pregnancy- i think i am one of those. Anyway just wanted to know what you think about these pains, should i be worried?
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replied December 28th, 2007
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Hey! You may be experiencing "round ligament pain." These round ligaments surround your uterus and pelvis. As you grow they begin to stretch and pull causing those sharp pains. It can be pretty alarming sometimes but they should only last a couple seconds when you cough or move.

Make sure you discuss it with your doctor. You need to see them really soon tho if you there's bleeding, or pain when peeing : )

Also, my back aches constantly and that's due to your body readjusting to your condition and preparing it for a heavier baby later on.

Hope everything going well!!
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