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Health Insurance For Strangers (from Italy) – Living In Us

Maybe I’ll have to move to Ohio state for about 2 years to work in a plant of my company.
I plan to move together my girl-friend, and she won’t have a job in the States.

I don’t know very well the health system in USA, I just know that it’s suggested to have a private health insurance (HI) because health cares are very expensive (in Italy we have a public health assistance, no extra-money for that, but unfortunately it doesn’t work well). I think my company will cover my HI, so I’m looking for a HI for my girl-friend.

Will my girl-friend able to get/buy a HI, taking in account that she won’t have a job?
Do you have any suggestion for me, and some insurances web-links to have more details and sample quotes?
Pls. take in account we planned to have a baby in the next 2 year, so we will have to “manage” her new pregnant status (probably the baby will bear in USA), it means a lot of visits (eg. echography, hosptital nursery, etc...).

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