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Gut Disorder

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I thank you in advance for your patience.

May I present a problem that has been nagging me for some time now. At issue is the health of my stomach or gut which has been a source of great misery for me. I am an African male aged 31.

I first noticed problems with my stomach in 2001. Let me say that that period was also a time of great stress for me due to some social problems. By 2002 I would be visit my doctor every once in a while complaining of a myriad of health issues chief among them being stomach ache. The doctor would respond by prescribing some antibiotic particularly amoxillin.

On numerous occasions we tried to ‘cure the stomach pain’ by that antibiotic, but it seemed not to work. I began to notice changes in my hair which became very hard and brittle. And my lips also began to chap and crack and would discolour to a reddish colour. However sometimes I would seem well. At this time my weight was always about 83kgs, and found it difficult to reduce.

My doctor would so often accuse me of being a ‘worrier’. But I paid no heed. In June 2004 after realising that the problem had gone on for too long my doctor suggested a full blood count to ascertain if there were other causes, although by that time he suspected acidity.

The test reflected only one anomaly; my alkaline phosphates read 220 instead of being within the normal range of between 35-110. My doctor suggested reducing alcohol intake but by time I had long resorted to drinking once a week taking usual five pints only.

I also began searching the Internet for answers and stumbled upon the liver cleansing protocols which I went on to administer in 2005, to no tangible avail. Since then I began to lose weight gradually as I also began eliminating a lot of foods from my diet like eggs, wheat (bread), milk, tea, coffee, sugar quite a lot really. Suspecting that I may be having gallstones, I took a radiology test in February 2006 which showed my liver, gallbladder, pancreas, both kidneys and spleen were all normal.

An HIV test recently cleared me of worse things. But all the same after streamlining my diet the problem looks the more entrenched. It’s like the more I eliminate foods the more the problem in my stomach magnify. In September 2006, after taking some soluble and insoluble fiber supplements infused with amino acids, I began to feel a burning feeling on the right side in my stomach and the doctor said it was an ulcer. Eventually I took the triple pill treatment for H Pylori in mid 2007. After that the symptoms seemed to recede but are back now, and now I don’t seem to gain any weight. it now constantly hover around 73 kgs

My most worry however is with regard to the foods I can no longer eat. My staple is maize meal cooked into hard porridge, but now I can no longer take refined mealie-meal only the unrefined. Refined cause me to feel exhausted, my lips are actually a barometer for sensing whether the food is acceptable to me or not, most of the foods cause them(lips) to turn red, feel numb or just discolour embarrassingly. ussually my head feels heavy when I take refined mealie meal or food with animal fat(even so little of it)and during the night after eating such food, i have nightmares because my head would be reeling feeling compressed and disorganised.

The no! no! in terms of food in their order are; refined mealie meal, animal fat (woo! the slightest of it) and sugar. These are the worst bustards and when I have them I really have a terrible time, the amazing thing is that I won’t be feeling pain in the stomach only feeling hazy and failing to concentrate. I don’t enjoy life anymore as most foods cause this terrible feeling from chicken, pork, fish, pizza, coke, tea, cake, milk, eggs, bread fruits like apples, oranges and bananas etc. surprisingly when I take something right even my hair gets fuller in a matter of a day and even my lips get to feel and look better but all changes when I transgress. How can I live on a knife-edge like this? almost all the foods cause a problem or two.

So narrow is my diet, it is unreal in a world like this.

Please help me what should I do.
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replied July 24th, 2009
what is viscular neuronitis
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