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Nose Bleeds Chest Pain and Hodgkins Disease

are nose bleeds common in hodgkins disease along with chest pain
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replied November 9th, 2007
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Are you taking chemotherapy for Hodgkin disease?
Are you coughing or having other breathing difficulties?
Do you feel breathlessness and tiredness?
Do you have very heavy periods if you are a woman?
Can you noticed a rash of tiny blood spots under the skin?
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replied December 30th, 2008
reply to cheeryone 100
Nose bleeds can be common if your platelet count is low or if your blood pressure is sketchy. Keep an eye out for skin bleeding (tiny red dots on your skin) or any enlarged nodes in your collarbone region. Pain in your chest would only be common if a tumour was developing there or you could also have an infection. If your breathing is normal and no shortness of breath I would say nothing to be overly stressed about but still go see a doctor before deciding that its nothing to worry about. good luck!
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