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Lumbar Puncture after Microvascular Decompression Surgery

I went into the hospital on Tues Oct 23 07 for elective Microvascular Decompression Surgery to eliminated facial nerve pain. I was prep-ed, anesthestized and the last thing prior to calling in the surgeon was establishing the lumbar tap. After upwards of 15 attempts the surgery was aborted. I was taken to recovery. After about an hour in recovery I needed to use the bathroom. The nurse asked if I could walk. I said sure. (I walked perfectly fine when I came into the hospital). I tried to stand 3 times and could not do it without help. I finally asked the nurse to help me and we would get through it. It seemed like the bathroom was a mile away. I was experiencing grabbing pain in my buttocks and down the sides/back of both legs. We had to stop several times to and from the bathroom. I never saw a doctor while in recovery to tell me what was wrong with me. I have never ever had back pain. The neuro resident signed my discharge papers without even evaluating me. My family managed to have me spend the night in the hospitals 24hr care unit. The next morning my surgeon came in and said they could not establish the line because of possible stinosis, but he doubted it. He ordered an MRI of my back. A little while after I got back from the MRI the residents (the team) who were in the OR for my surgery came to see me and said the reason for my back pain is I have stenosis of two vertebrae. I said again I have never had back pain in my life. I was sent home. On Fri Oct 26 I had a lower sensation with my bladder and bowel functions. We called a doctor friend at the hospital and he said I should come into the emergency room immediately. When I go the the ER, the team came in and asked me several questions, ordered an really strong narcotic, said the stenosis was causing my baldder and bowel problems, did a rectal exam to determine sphincter muscle strenght , said I may need emergency back surgery and sent me for another MRI. When I got back from the MRI, the on call doc came in while The Team was there. He had already reviewed the MRI and talked to the radiologist. He asked to see my back, was not please, asked a few of the same questions said I did not need emergency surgery. He said we should watch and wait. He ordered steroids to reduce inflamation. I was admitted to the hospital. Needless to say my husband, family and I were very upset. My surgeon, who was not present during the lumbar puncture, agreed that my back, bladder and bowel problems were not a result of stenosis which the radiologist had said was unimpressive. He said is was a result of the procedure. I spend 5 days in the hospital and returned home on 800mg ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer. My surgeon said there is a small sac of fluid which at first they thought was just a tiny droplet of blood, but he thinks it is a little more blood than a tiny droplet. He said nerves were irriated and it could take a few weeks to several months to heal. I am so upset, I can hardly walk. I need to use a walker or a cane. The pain is horrible and again, I have never ever had back pain. Will this indeed go away? Will it not and will I need back surgery? Will I have back problems for the rest of my life? I am soooo scared? I don't know what to do. And, I still need the facial nerve pain surgery. Any advise?
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