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Small red, mole causing pain + numbness

I have no idea what is going on here and would welcome any help, comments or suggestions as to what this could be. Question A little over a month ago, I noticed a small red, mole-looking thing on my side (not really on my breast, but more around on the side toward the back - about 6 inches below the armpit). The only reason I noticed it is because everytime I moved or turned a certain way, I would have this excruciating, stabbing, burning pain from this spot all the way down my arm and into my chest. It felt like it was "attached" to something deep inside, if that makes sense. This severe pain lasted about 2 weeks and the "mole thing" is still there. The pain sensation has changed characteristics now though. It no longer feels like it's "attached" deep inside. I now have numbness in about a 6 inch perimeter around this little spot (about the size of a pencil lead) and the area outside of that in a circular area about the size of a plate is EXTREMELY sore. If all that doesn't sound crazy enough, 3 days ago I just got a lump under my arm that's about the size of a large marble. It seems to go down pretty deep because I can't really get it to move around or anything. It is extremely sore and I can now feel a "line" of some sort of tissue or something that connects the "mole thing" to this knot. I really didn't think it was anything to worry about at first, once I got past the pain of the "mole thing". Now I'm beginning to wonder and thinking I might should go see a doc.
Has anyone had any dealings with anything like this before? I'm a loss here as to what this could be. I'm almost afraid to find out what it is.
Please help! If anyone has had even anything remotely close to what this sounds like, please leave a message.
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First Helper Fedilia

replied October 9th, 2009
All I could say is that you should recieve professional help immediately.
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replied October 31st, 2009
Im having the same exact symptoms in a place on the right side of my back with a tiny new mole...but I don't feel the knot yet...I'm going to go see a doctor...I'm a lil worried and I think you should too
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