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Cough Problem when Laying Down- two months w/o change

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hi im 23, male. now its 5am, i woke up because i cough so terrible when i lay down. so i looked for help on internet and found here.

i started coughing about 5-6 weeks ago, cough not so bad during the day time but at night especially when i sleeping, i cough so bad and cant stop (sometimes cant even breath).

i went to see doctor many times, took med for both cough and allergy, but still no help. when the first time i took the allegra D (every 12 hours), i felt better for 10 hours, then 8 hours and after few days, it doesnt work on me anymore. i dont know if i got allergy or what, i have no other problems just coughing and cant stop once i get started, especially after i lay on my bed. pain on my chest and throat, sometimes i cough terrible and taste blood.

i came to US about 5 years ago, i never been like this except this year after summer.

i got my blood checked, all look fine except the numbers are a little bit higher on my liver and iron in my body. i don't drink but smoke (for 3 years), and i quit about 3 weeks ago.

at night, every time when i take a deep breath i cough, right now i can only be able to fall asleep when i get REALLY tired (like late at night or take cold med) then i can take a rest for 5-6 hours. im going to graduate dont know how i can go to school like this...

i feel terrible and really hope some1 here can help and tell me what i can do. thank you so much
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First Helper bluecheese

replied November 2nd, 2007
Re: Cough Problem, Last Two Months Already.
Hello Jackfrog,

It sounds like what was happening to me before I had my first asthma attack. I was 27 at the time and never had the problem all of my life and I am not a smoker. At first I would cough if i tried to breathe deeply, then if I would laugh i would cough, then if i talked i would cough...and violent coughing that lasted for a was making me crazy!! Worst of all the doctors could not hear any chest congestion...even when i had my first attack there was nothing on the x-ray. I told a longer story about it on another thread called "can't take a deep breath" I have allergies too and at first the allergy meds did help me...I was taking tylenol severe allergy (some serious stuff that will put you in a daze Shocked ) but then nothing helped and I had the attack. I saw a pulmonary specialist (lung specialist)later and was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma. Maybe you should talk about the possibilities of asthma with your doctor as soon as possible and see what he says; with the pain in your chest and violent coughing, he'll probably refer you to a pulmonary specialist (which was the best thing for me) I hope you feel better...I truly know how bad it feels...for me it only got worse until I got the inhalers. Again I really hope that you feel better soon.
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replied November 4th, 2009
Just a thought, but have they ruled out Sleep Apnea? I would schedule for a test asap. I am taking a guess here, but having a family line of sleep apnea, sounds very similar to me with your symptoms listed. Give it a thought, and get checked. I hope this helps in someway..take care...
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replied December 11th, 2009
your sinus is draining in the back of your throat and its causing you to caugh. I had a same problem and I started using Sinus Rinse at night before bed time and I am able to breath a whold lot better and sleep at night. Sinus Rinse is a premixed packets and a plastic bottle you'll get, use it as directed. I bet you'll sleep good for the rest of the nights. "Good Night" and good luck
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replied April 25th, 2010
coughing in bed
I had the exact same problem. It was identical and at one point I thought I would have to either call an ambulance or die, literally. I cleaned my sheets thinking it was microscopic bacteria or dust, it helped a little. Then I would sleep with the window open thinking it was carbon monoxide poisoning from the radiator due to severe lack of ventilation in that room.
In the end I changed house, I didnt take any medicine and I do smoke but now I do not cough anymore and I am quite healthy.
I think the problem came from the fact that my room was above a highway. I will never know but it was not something wrong with my body, it was something in the environment. I hated it and I recommend you move house to better cleaner spaces. I do not wish that type of cough and lack of sleep on my worst enemy.
Good luck, I am sure you will recover just like i did.
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replied April 27th, 2010
healing and breathing (barely)
i also am having this problem. I''m wondering if it has something to do with what we have in common--our recent decision to quit smoking. Nothing comes up when I cough but I feel as if that''s the "goal" of my lungs. Something is trying to come up but it just wont.
Perhaps our lungs are just healing and trying to get used to this new oxygen?
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