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Felt Great For 4 Days Then Bam Anxiety Attack!!

One day i woke up and i felt like my old self,i really felt great so that day i stopped taking my St Johns Wort supplement that i had been taking for 3 weeks.For four days i felt great even without taking the St Johns Wort and then today i was getting ready to put a CD in my stereo to listen to and i could feel that feeling i hoped would'nt return,the anxiety started to build up in my stomach,my head started feeling weird and i had to sit down and focus on my breathing to get things under control which even now i still don't feel right,(Heavy Headed Head in clouds feeling).Could this have been caused by not taking the St Johns Wort for 4 days?Could my body have built up enough St Johns Wort in my system to sustain me for the 4 days and then suddenly have run out and put me into withdrawl causeing the anxiety symptoms to return.This is really starting to anoy me,i thought everything was over then WHAM right back to the way i was (Not feeling right i mean).I still have'nt taken any St Johns Wort yet today and i just dont feel right.Thanks For any help anyone can give me,Keith..
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replied November 9th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
You know, anxiety attacks really just come and go like that. And the strangest things can bring them on- it may have been the St. John's wort, or maybe not.
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replied November 15th, 2007
Extremely eHealthy
I agree with Georgia59 about the St. John's wort. Just like any medication, you have to be careful with herbs too. Hope you get to the bottom of this and start feeling better.
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