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Halloween Candy Meltdown!!

ok so i'm on my 2nd week of phase 2. only lost 5 lbs so far but that's ok. yesterday and today i went off my rocker with halloween candy. i feel so disappointed in myself. i know i can (and will) hop back on the wagon, but how do i stop beating myself up? how bad have i sabotaged my weight loss?
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replied November 28th, 2007
Me to
great job on losing 5 lbs!!! I've been feeling really guilty about the whole don't eat this and don't eat that diet. I've switched over to "You on a diet" by dr. mehmet oz, it is so much easier to follow and so less strict. I'm only 14 and I do it, not to look younger but to lose weight.

Happy weight losing!
precious child
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replied November 24th, 2009
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HI mxm622,

It is ok what is done is done, toss out the rest of the candy and replace it with a fruit and veggie try to have easily accessible in the fridge. Subsitute the word "diet" with the words lifetime choices, that is wh at you will be doing. Get in at least 45 minutes of exercise daily. You can do it I know you can, just make up your mind you want to change the direction your life is going create a plan and stick to can do it, yes you can!!!

Good Luck

Faded Rose
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replied September 19th, 2011
Halloween Candy
I have a terror of Halloween candy LOL. It's those Autumn Mix things that are my downfall. I try to look the other way when I pass that display.

I've been on SBD for about 4 weeks. I have lost 9 lbs (which is a lot for me). I initially went on SBD to be supportive of my wife; she cheats a lot and I hardly cheat at all. I started at 138 and am down to 129. I haven't been down to 130 in years and years.

Mostly I've been doing okay; I'm pleased with how well I've been managing.

Halloween candy scares me though.
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