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Migraine after I caught my annual cold - what to do?

I woke up last Tuesday with my one yearly annual Xmas cold.
scince then i have had the MIGRAINE from hell! I feel totally spaced throat glands are swollen my nose is running i have a cough...Ive tried ibprofen and nurofen and lemsip nothing takes away my migraine! my head is spaced out and my head hurts...i telephoned my gp she said not to come in WE CANT HELP and to take paracetamols......anyone can advise me...i cant take more days with this MIGRAINE.....THANXXXXX
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replied November 2nd, 2007
kool thank u so much 4 taking the time to reply.
today my head feels better.....thank goodness.....i remembered my mum always saying to me 'feed a cold' so i made a point of eating well salmon veg pure fruit juice ect.....and i do feel better today.....still got a fever and a cold but the headache has lifted 70%.....i felt really low then last night i had a dream grandmother who died a few years ago .....she hugged me in the dream! arhhhh!
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