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Throat Problems - Why is palliate still red and throat sore?

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Ok i'm very confused to what is happening in my throat at the moment!
about 4 months ago i got tonsillitis, this did not respond to penicilin and i ended up having tonsillitis on and off for a month before i was given some different antibiotics which cleared it up in less than five days
then two weeks later i got a cold with which i had a tickley cough and sore throat and i lost my voice a little this went away for a couple of weeks but came back two weeks later-although not as bad-and cleared after a week or so. It has now been about 6 weeks since this but i still get occasional throat pains in my tonsils and since the first bout of tonsillitis the back of my soft palliate has been red either side (see picture below, i took this today) which is occasionally sore I just wondered if i have anything to worry about? my doctor seems to think this is normal but i cant understand why my soft palliate is still red and i still get soreness in my throat at times-today for example i woke up and my left tonsil feels tender and a bit sore when i swallow
if anyone has any answers I would be extremely grateful!
I have also had a throat swob and blood test which both came back normal
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replied November 1st, 2007
Re: Throat Problems! Very Confused!
Hello Blonde100,

I had throat problems a lot as a child and into my early adolescence. At one time I was hospitalized for a week with severe tonsillitis and dehydration from not being able to keep anything down (I was 9 at the time). The result...I am 29 now and my throat is like yours (just a little more swollen on the sides). I am not meaning to depress you. Confused

After my last episode of tonsilitis. My throat did not return to normal. I still had swelling on both sides (where the tonsils are), the back of my soft palate was red and my uvula became a little pale, you could also see the veins on the back of my throat a little. I went to many specialists...and the last ear nose and throat specialist i went to sealed the deal for me when he looked in my throat and told me i have the ugliest throat he has ever seen, but there is nothing wrong with me. Rolling Eyes what a jerk. At that time I was asking for a tonsillectomy and he told me he can do it if i want to, but I do not need it, I simply have an ugly throat; thus i have never had a tonsillectomy. I was still feeling pain at times and irritation, but no matter who i went to and no matter how many tests I took..they told me I was fine.

A couple of years ago I was talking to a doctor about it and he told me that I am ok but maybe my body is fighting some other infection. He said that when the lymph nodes swell sometimes we feel pain in our throats but it is our body's normal defense system. The last doctor that I saw about an unrelated issue told me that my throat looks allergic (which I do have allergies, acute rhinitis and asthma). My pulmonary specialist also told me he can see that I have severe allergies by looking at my throat. I have been taking allegra for my allergies, but my throat still looks the same Confused

To remedy the pain at the time when my throat first became like this (I used to wake with throat pains too), I stopped drinking cold things and started having things at room temperature. Occasionally I would have hot teas as well. I still drank cold things from time to time as I wanted them, and had ice cream, but not as much as I was having it before. Eventually the irritation and pain stopped but my throat stayed the same. Of course I am not a professional, but just sharing what helped me and what I have been through. (sorry if my writing is a bit jumbled, I am sooo sleepy, but I wanted to share my experience with you because I remember how dumbfounded and frustrated I was that all of these doctors were telling me i am fine, but my throat was red and swollen and i was still having pain and irritation at times) Hope this helps!! If you want to ask me anything else, please feel free to. Smile Best of wishes with everything and I truly hope that you feel better soon Very Happy
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replied October 1st, 2009
HIYA just reading your problem with your tonsils and i have the same problems with mine, have been on penicillin for a week went back to my doctor and she has done a throat swab that was on Tuesday, i was wondering should i ask for a blood test as well.
I have suffered from tonsillitis for many years on and off but has always cleared with medicine but not this time, help any reply worried anne.
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