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Alesse - Early Period While On the Pill + How Effective ?

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I have been taking Alesse for about a month and a half now, and I am 16 years old. Last month my period came a few days before the sugar pills began, but I was sure my body was only adjusting to the pills. However, I am now on my second pack on pills (today I took Pill #10) and today I had some spotting. I have never missed a pill, however both today and two days ago (Pill #Cool I took significantly later in the day. (I usually take the pills around 9:00AM but both days I took them around 4:00-5:00,) What are the possible reasons for the early periods? Stress? Pregnancy? Low-something levels? Wrong pill dosage?

Also, I was wondering how effective the pill was after one month, two months, three months? I believe that it was high 90's percent effective, but how long does it take a woman's body to get to that level of effectiveness? Question
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replied October 31st, 2007
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It's okay if your period comes early. Make sure to take ALL the active pills anyway, even if your period does start.

The pill is as effective as it's gonna get after just one WEEK of taking it correctly.

It is around 97-99% effective when taken perfectly, and 92-95% with typical use (the way you're using it).
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replied August 18th, 2011
I've been on Alesse for 3 years now. It never fails that if I do not take the pill at the EXACT same time every day, my period will come early. This month I missed my alarm twice and took the pills up to a couple hours later than my usual time. One day in the last three weeks I was several hours late in taking it. Like clockwork my period is spotting today... a full 9 days early. Never fails. It's irritating for sure. But ya, if you want it to be regular then take the pill at the EXACT same time each day. Make sure you finish the pack tho' when it starts early, don't just stop taking the pill or you'll end up preggo.
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