ive already posted 2 other things stating why im depressed.
(unwanted abortion)
and that i have very bad problems with alcohol.

ive been told 2 things though.
if i get help with depression i wont drink as much...
but ive been told if i get help with m alchoholism i wont be as depressed.
now which is it?

its like did the chicken or the egg come first kinda thing
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replied November 2nd, 2007
Extremely eHealthy
First of All
You need to get yourself into a good rehab for recovery. After you have done and that, then attend AA meeting regularly. You will see once you have achieved sobriety, everything else will fall into place. You have got to stop the drinking first, the consintrate on the depression. Depression does cause alcohol abusice but, the driking has got to be treated first so you have a straight mind to deal with the depression. After rehab, you may even find you no longer are depressed.
Hope this makes sense.
I use to work drug and alcohol rehab BTW.

Any other thoughts of help here?
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replied May 5th, 2009
am also severely depressed for vey different reasons but one thing I have become aware of is that alcoholic drinks do not solve the problem. If anything they just put a figurative highlight on the problem and you get into the habit of usng it to wash away your gargantuan emotions. Seeing doctors will help, but don't give away too much and try and get into contact with a pro psychologist or someone similar, talking helps, and your perspective on life alters. You may be aware of your condition but aftr evaluation you will realise that you generally seem able to enjoy the finer things more than before.
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replied March 5th, 2012
I feel for you drinking dose no help neather do drugs
I'm younge have a good life married come form a good family but somethings nor right I drink 6 beers plus a night a year ago I was smoking weed and drinking I work hard during the day with kids adults families
I whould appear normal happy bubbly enjoying life unless you had the opportunity to get clos e as I am noticing more and
More that is very few people ......... I love my husband but feel guilty and sad for him often as he puts up with alot of crap
I have been medicated been to doctors am a stongly independent first child
I feel my problems ae nothing to what others have
I am also some what bulimic I throw up often depending
I want to have children but am scared cause
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replied March 15th, 2012
i'm afraid alcoholism and depression come hand in hand, it is impossible for you to be an alcoholic and not be depressed.
The more depressed you get the more you drink, and the more you drink the more depressed you get. Believe me I know from experience, I hit an all time low with alcoholism and depression, lost my job, my family and my home, spent 8 years living rough on the streets as a down and out, drank anything and everything, meths, surgical spirits, aftershave, you name it I drank it.
Then after nearly killing myself with alcohol poisioning the hospital admitted me to the Priory unit in Macclesfield in England UK. I had my last drink on 3/sept 1983, not touched a drop since, still got depression though,(but its mild and I can handle it. but am now re-married, have 2 great kids, own my own home and business.
It takes a great deal of will-power and the main thing is YOU MUST WANT TO STOP drinking yourself, its no good trying to stop for someone else, it wont work.

best of luck
ps, forget AA, load of hypocrites, and the last thing you want when coming of the drink is to be sat in a room with everyone talking about drinking, AA is a waste of time.
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