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Panic Attacks When Away From Home

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Do you suffer from panic attacks when leaving the house?
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Does anyone have Panic attacks for any reason when you leave the house to go anywhere for any reason? Like me, I have MRSA and afraid to leave the house and be around other people for fear of catching a bug of some kind and landing back in the hospital again. I refuse to wear a mask and be look at as some kind of contagous person.
Do you have any similar problem. If so I would like to hear from you. Nice to know your not alone with this beast.

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replied January 24th, 2008
I used to. I suffered from Chronic Anxiety and sometimes I would have full-blown panic attacks. I thought I would probably die in the street as a result of someone stabbing me and of course, I hated anyone walking towards or behind me. Sometimes I would jump into a doorway to let them pass. Sometimes I would hide behind a bush. Once or twice I was so panic stricken that I got right down on the ground into a ball - I had to pretend to concerned passers-by that I had twisted my ankle. When I went to parties or social events I believed that someone would spike my drink and that I would go out of my mind as a result. Eventually I stopped going out anywhere as the dangers seemed too great. Fortunately, professional help intervened very quickly and I was over it in a couple of months.

The thing is that my fears were not just total paranoia - someone HAD once stabbed me in the street, albeit with a hat pin rather than a knife and someone HAD spiked my drink once and it was only good fortune that prevented the consequences from being great.

Your fear is also grounded in reality. Therefore, although you experience panic, I am not sure that I would call this in any way a mental illness.

Let's just say it is an over-developed awareness of the world around us!
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replied May 9th, 2008
CarolD, too bad you didn't get more replies on this. I have generalized anxiety, but not associated with leaving the house (although crowds make me cringe). I get panic attacks (at least that's what the docs call them) occasionally, for no particular reason. I use Xanax.

And Galaxy, you're right--the world is a dangerous place. Construction cranes fall off buildings onto people. Elaine Aron's book, The Highly Sensitive Person, has some interesting points.
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replied October 1st, 2010
Panic attacks brought on by MRSA?
I was diagnosed with MRSA in my nose. Has anyone had Panic attacks come on for no apparent reason with this bacteria? I swear I am not crazy, and they have been so severe I can't get any air. Healthy before this..
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