There are many adulesents and young teen out there suffering from anger, deppression and anxiety. What many do not realize is that many time these symptoms stem from either a sibling that gets more attention then they do or do not get along with.
Aside from that, it also could be that that this person does not get along with the parent or a sibling. These reasons are ones that can all cause the above symptoms. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why this person only feels these symptom when they are at home. Because this is the only place where they have to face them. They would rather be out of the house somewhere else all the time if they could.
Take for instance, one will be very intraverted outside the house and feel very displaced. This in my opinion is because of what is happening at home. If they feel picked on or not treated the same by a parent, this will affect their intire lives. It is very important like each and every one of you children that you have unconditional love for all of them. And not to treat one of them or disapline one of them more then the other. Not only will it make the child have an inferior complex but this will interfere with every part of their lives.
I is a good thing to (even if you only have one child) to treat them with respect and give them a pat on the back for doing something correctly.
Showing partiality is not a good thing and could make the child go into a state of deppression causing anxiety having to face going home.
Please read and think about this. It is so very important at a young age. Sometimes it is not easy for a sister or brother to get along if the parent does not intervene right away. Also, it does not take much for a child to see that a parent is treating one child better then the other. Sometimes all it takes is a word or two to set off the thought. Then you have a deppressed and angered child on your hands.

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replied October 29th, 2007
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I think that all families have some type of inquality going on - b/c we're human. But I was blessed to be in a family that attempted to even out the curve. One thing my parents did was enroll all of us (3) girls in sports, and attend our events as a family.

Any other strategies for a healthy family life?
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