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Cut Eyebrow Stitches?

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I got cut in the eyebrow (no metal was involved) and its a nice clean cut.

When i first got cut, I didn't feel anything. It bled quite a bit. I washed it out, applied pressure, put some ice for about 30 min, and closed it as best as I could (with clean hands) with butterfly bandages.

That night it started to bleed a little bit, but the bandages absorbed it. The next day I cleaned it out a little bit more, and removed the bandages to allow it to scab. It bled a little bit when I cleaned it.

When I got home I cleaned it with some hydrogen-peroxide and put some first-aid cream that maintains the cut moist (and my mom says that it helps prevent scarring), and keeps it from getting infected.

My eyebrow is pretty swollen, and the cut is open, but scabbed, about .3-.4cm wide (but it's swollen, and therefore it sort of makes the cut bigger), and 2-2.5cm long. It isn't bleeding, and it doesn't hurt.

Should I continue to put the cream on it, or should I let it dry out?

Should I go to the doctor to get stitches? (I don't mind a little scar. Will stiching it make the scar extremely smaller, or just a little bit?)

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replied October 28th, 2007
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Hm. I had a friend who had a cut that sounds like that. He went to the doctor and got stitches. If its still pretty swollen I would go see a doctor.

And applying the cream will prevent infection, if you stop then you are open to infection. Don't stop that, and see a doctor so you know you are applying things correctly and the cut is safely covered.

You may have a scar, my friend does, but its not noticable unless you know what to look for.
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