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Heartburn Or Gallbladder (no GERD or ulcers)

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I am a 34 year old mom & I have had the worst heartburn for the past week! it is constant and dull, and then sometimes it flares up so bad that i vomit. It comes on out of the blue, (not triggered by anything i eat), and no amount of pepto or zantac gives me relief. it hurts right in the middle of my stomach, at the top of my rib cage, and even my back is hurting now. i had an endoscopy yesterday which revealed nothing (meaning, no gerd or ulcers) and i am scheduled for an ultrasound later this week. i have a feeling that i have a gall bladder issue, since it runs in my family, even though my symptoms are different than my mom's were. (hers were much more acute & violent.) anyway, i would not be able to have it removed for another 6 weeks (if necessary) and i am hoping there is some way to find relief in the meantime. Maybe it is heartburn??
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replied November 21st, 2007
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I would wait and see how the test results come out. They found my Gerd through a chst X-Ray an then I went for an endoscopy and it showed my asaphagus was reall inflamed and damaged for the acid refux and now take a little blue pill every morning to keep it in check with no more damage from the acid coming up.

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