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Hello Guys. I Need Your Help

Hi? I make this blog about overcoming stress and depression. I start making these articles because I want to help many people.
here it is. I also need your suggestion. Thank you
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replied October 27th, 2007
That was interesting, but not helpful to me. I am a 14 year old depressed teenager and I dont think eating a bannana or making love to someone would be helpful for my depression. Lol!!!

and just to let you know that although im only 14 I do understand about depression and i have been in a psychiatric unit so i have had proffesional help.

and i dont neglect what others say either, I listen and take in what they say, and try to act on what they say at my best.

and I pray to the lord every night before i go to bed and believe in him.

and my mother drinks lots of coffee and i say it is bad for her cos she is severely depressed.

and insurance policy, not everyone is old enough for one of those.

and the last thing is that i have climbed 2 mountains in my life and it did not change my depression in the slightest bit.
all it did was tire me out and made me a little fitter. Lol. Very Happy
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replied October 27th, 2007
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I'm sorry, but that was just terrible. I'll keep my list short of what you could do:
1) Your advice about God made it look like a religious advice. Cut that out if you want to be taken seriously.
2) You pretty much gave the answer on you #1, get professional help; that's it.
3) You ended with "making love" to that special someone. Well this isn't always practical to everyone, as many people on this board have depression because they're alone or are too young to do stuff like that.

I would add more to my #1, but I'm not going to try hurt anyone's feelings. It's obvious you have no expertise or idea what you're talking about so please get a degree in psychology if you truely want to help.
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