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Skin Itching And Inflaming

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ok so I have an issue were if I get a scratch or cut the area around it will begin to itch and if I continue to itch the skin becomes completely inflamed but it will stop itching and will go away after about an hour or so. This just not happen just when I get scratches or cuts sometimes I will just randomly get an itch and see little dots of my skin are inflamed. At first I thought it might be hives but I have had this for several months almost a year now and have no idea what it is. Here are some pictures or what happens when I continue to itch for while.

http://i23.[image removed]/se7eaa.jpg

http://i20.[image removed]/2nc4ch2.jpg

http://i22.[image removed]/eqdt0n.jpg

The first picture is probably the best of what it is. Anyone have any idea of what this could be caused by. And it's not just on my arms happens on my legs and back and chest also.
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replied October 31st, 2007
No Idea But I Got Pretty Much the Same Thing.
I got extremely sensitive skin that will become extremely red in times of stress/use of certain skin products and during hot weather. I also get inflamed bumpy skin much like your pictures when i scratch or rub my skin with something sharp (EG. What I used to do as a kid , I'd get a ruler and rub my skin which would cause huge bumpy lines which I used to fake being sick to get out of stuff at school =P). So basically I've had this and the extremely sensitive skin for at least 10 years that I can recall "I'm 18 now". Anyways thought i'd post here because I have a similar issue and was hoping that if the topic was bumped that someone might answer it.

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