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I Went to the Nmd (update)

Ok, so I finally had my evaluation by an NMD last Monday. It IS definitely TMJ. More precisely, my left TMJ is locking at a certain point when I open my mouth, which then causes my jaw to deviate to the left, pulling all of the TMJ involved joints/muscles downwards. The doc says my problem is not due to clenching or grinding. Basically my jaw/teeth are bigger then what my mouth could handle causing my bottom teeth to crowd slowly as I grew up, eventually leading to a jaw problem. When I close my mouth all the way, my lower jaw retracts inwards too much, causing my TMJ problems.

The coolest thing I think was how he was able to put his finder in both of my ears and manipulate my jaw slowly as I opened and closed my mouth. He showed me where my bottom teeth should rest as opposed to where they sit now.

So, he wants to start by making a new Orthodic plate, and have me come in for physical therapy and a few rounds of the TENS machine to relax all the muscles. Basically he wants to get the jaw and all the muscles to "decompress" in his own words. Then once that happens, he wants to create another Orthodic plate to keep my teeth where they belong.

He thinks he can have me back to normal in 3 months.

The catch you say? Well, the whole thing is gonna run me $2,500.00. Normally I would be hesitant, but I really have exhausted all other options and have probably already spent that much on stuff trying to heal myself. I wish I would have found this site sooner and gotten word to see an NMD.

Luckily he will accept payment in 3 installments, so I am gonna do $1000 up front, then $750 for the second month, and another $750 for the last month.

I admit, I am a bit skeptical that this will finally resolve my issue... I guess I just think this way because I have been through the ringer with this situation for almost 2 years. But I am hopeful, and I know this will get resolved one way or the other.

Please, if your on here, and think you have TMJ, setup a consultation with a good NMD; get it straight from the doc what is going on. My consultation was only $100.00. This is a lot better then driving yourself crazy jumping from one doctor to another, and reading about all the horrible diseases "you might have" because they all share the same symptoms. You will drive yourself crazy as I did.

Good luck to everyone and I will keep everyone updated. And thanks to Dyan for taking the time to respond to my original post and recommend the NMD. Smile
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replied October 24th, 2007
Extremely eHealthy
Im so glad that this will help you. I definatly love reading posts like this.

as for the price. be glad its only $2500---my doctor charged $ 3100 at the time i started and now the price is $ 5100 Ive even seen people pay 9000. its worth it though. I think price varies state to state and practice to practice.

good luck and keep us updated.
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replied October 25th, 2007
Alex, it really sounds like you have found thee one, great! The money is worth it if it helps. I hope and pray that all goes smoothly and that you will stay in contact with us during your treatment.

God bless...
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