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Annular Tear in L4 Vertebra - Suggestions?

i was orignally going to physical thearpy for my knees. the hadent found anything structerly wrong. and within 2 weeks i started noticing crippling pops in my knees and back pain. i went back to the docter and they then told me i have pars defects. so i was suppost to do thearpy for that but after 2 visits it was clear that there was something more serious wrong. and had me do a MRI. they then found i have something called annular tear in my l4 vertebra. they gave me medication propoxyphene.that medicine keeps me out of school because its narcotic. iv already missed 7 days. and its a week until i even get to see a pain specialist. i have read timelines about how long people miss work due to this injury and its about 9 to 12 weeks. that would put me back in school in 2008 with the schedual my school has.

the pain is killing me and the meds only help for a little bit
do any of you have seggistions or anything to help me here??
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