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here i have written information about diabetes mellitus .information include symptoms ,causes,risk factors,tests and diagnosis this is an important information for patients and health professionals .first of all symptoms the symptoms of diabetes mellitus are seem to be so harmless that diabetes most often goes undiagnosed.following are the most common symptoms of diabetes.

1.excessive fatigue-patient suffering from diabetes is most often tired as it is difficult for a person suffering from diabetes to use glucose as a body fuel.

2.excessive urination {polyuria}-excessive glucose in blood causes lots of urination as body tries to get rid of high level of glucose.

3.weight loss which cant be explained-people suffering from diabetes often complain weight loss this because they use lot of calories and even overeating could not help them as this is also one of the symptom of diabetes

4.over eating{polyphagia}-body tries to compensate high glucose level by secreting more insulin but in the case of diabetes melliyus type 2 there is insulin resistance so increase level of insulin cause increases hunger as it is one of its action.

5.excessive thirst{polydipsia}-this is a compensation mechanism to dilute the blood as lot of glucose is present in the blood in the patients of diabetes.

6patient of diabetes is also having problem of poor wound healing as high blood sugar levels effect the function of white blood cells which are having a great role in bodys defence mechanism.

7.infections are also common due to above mechanism.

8.high blood sugar levels also causes blurry vision.

9.agitation and irritability are also one of the symptoms of diabetes.

causes of diabetes mellitus-diabetes mellitus type 2 often run in families it is having a genetic basis.

risk factors


3.high alcohol intake

4.high fat intake

5.high triglyceride level

6.inactive life style

methods of diagnosis
1.oral glucose tolerance test-for oral glucose tolerance test person has to fast for 8 hours.plasma glucose is measured and after 2 hours patient is given to drink a liquid which contains 75 gms glucose dissolved in water.result is interpreted with the help of standard table.

2.random plasma glucose level above 200mg/dl indicates diabetes

medications for type 2 diabetes

1.sulfonyl ureas.


3.pioglitazone and rosiglitazone-increse the sensitivity of cells to insulin.

4.metformin-decrease the production of glucose from the liver.

5.acarbose-it decrease the absorption of glucose from the intestine.

6.symlin-it is a injectable new medicine which controls glycemic profile.

7.insulin-it is the main drug in the case of diabetes mellitus type 1 and also used in the patients of diabetes mellitus type 2 in whom disease cant be controlled by oral hypoglcemic agents,exercise and diet control.
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