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I Had An Emergency Drs App.

Yesturday mornin I had to go to the doc Sad ive been having these really really terrible sharp shootin pains and I didnt know what it was and they would come and go so I decided to call the doc. She says ive been having contractions but im only 17 weeks so it didnt look good for me or the baby. So she checked my cervix and everything is ok down there and she went to do the heartbeat to find the baby and we couldnt find it at first and then were I swore to god the babys feet were she had the machine and all you could hear was a thump because the baby kicked the machine. Then she moved it up and there was my lil one. I was soooo scared that it wasnt alive. I just have to take it easy and if I start bleeding I have to go to the emergency room. Its freaky trust me.
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