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December 15th, 2013
I just want to share my experience with you in hopes it may help somebody. I developed an itchy butt crack so much so that I went to a dermatologist last year. He told me i had a fungus: i used Lotrimin and it seemed to help. A few months later however, the itching and irritation came back so I went to another dermatologist; This derm shocked me when he told me he thought I had herpes and a culture confirmed it. The herpes had migrated from my thigh (had that off and on for 25 years). I was floored. With herpes it heals over a period of two weeks. I don't use antivirals although I may in the future. I use Desitin cream 40% for the irritation and itching and it does work most of the time. I can't tell you how shocked I am that I have this herpes infection. If you continue to have a problem I would visit a dermatologist and get the area cultured.
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replied August 30th, 2016
A Good Solution, Home-made Salve
I take about 1 teaspoon of Manuka Honey (I mix about 1/2 teaspoon of Trader Joe's +10 Manuka honey, which is softer and flows better with 1/2 teaspoon Kiwi Kosher Pareve Bio ACtive 5+ from New Zealand I get from Whole Foods which is harder and adds some firmness to it.

To this I add about 1/3 - 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder until it makes a fine paste about the consistency of toothpaste or a little harder. Turmeric stains; so sit or sleep on a black T-Shirt at all times.

Add 5 drops of tea tree oil and mix well with a thin butter knife in a tiny lip balm container (the kind which is 1" wide x 3/4" tall) that you get from .99 cent store for many reasons.

Apply to sore.


Wash with soapy facecloth before each application. Wash facecloth in boiling water just in-case it is a staph infection.

The Turmeric kills many different things and is an anti-inflammatory; so it helps with the redness, as well.

The tea tree oil would be too irritating all-by-itself; but is great with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, yeast, etc.

In the end it should have the consistency of peanut butter. If it's too thin, add more turmeric until it is like peanut butter that has been put in the fridge.
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replied August 30th, 2016
Another thing that works well is Ultraviolet Light. I bought a 3 Watt UV light from China for $6.90 through AliExpress: New WF-502B CREE UV LED Flashlight 502B Purple Light UV 395nm Ultraviolet Lamp free shipping

You should wash it well with soap and water, then apply 91% Isopropyl alcohol and dry well before you use the UV Light. Lay on your face with your butt upwards and shine it along the crack while holding open. Apply for at least 90 seconds. This should kill 100% of all surface organisms if it is a bacteria or yeast.

Afterwards, coat with a fingertip of 100% Jojoba Oil which is the closest thing to human sebum and rub in. Shouldn't be thick oil. Dab with toilet paper after you're done. This will keep the alcohol from drying-out the cut/irritation/boil/bacterial or yeast infection.
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