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Help 5weeks Prego Brown Redish Discharge Need Answers???

hi im 5weeks pregnant and today while i was walkin i noticed a drip of water substance in my underwear so rushed to the toilet to see what it was and it was actually brownish lightredish pink liquid coming out of my urine and when i whiped it was brownish i left a pad there to see after an hour and i had very light brown spots afew though and that was it should i be worried? is this like an early isgn of miscarriage or could it be something else. i do get bad cramping and i have a bad cough at the moment. i sore my doc few days ago but she did say a midwife doesnt see u until 20weeks and they dont deal with pregnant women? i just want some anwsers maybe someone has the same thing??
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replied October 19th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
Where do you live that you don't see a doctor until 20 weeks pregnant?

Bleeding in early pregnancy can be common. But if you are concerned, you should definitely call your doctor/midwife!
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replied October 21st, 2007
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im from australia and i can see a doc but not a pregnancy doc from the hospital. also that same day of my incident after a few hours i went to pee and i found a dark brown strecthy sticky ball on my undies the size of a pea like the kind when your ovulating and you find that streching thing but it wasnt clear it was dark im just concerned and wanted to know if it was my egg fallen out or the baby/fetus as im only 5weeks and miscarriage can happen. i also had another question my mother inlaw told my husband to cut down on the sex now that im pregnant that is houdltn be doing it this 3months becuase it harms the baby is this true?
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