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I am 44 years old with intestinal problems for 10+ years. I have a good doctor although they have not yet diagnosed me with much. My symptoms come and go. I guess it is like a flare? My symptoms are while I am sleeping I get horrible wavelike contractions that come and go for long periods of time. I go to the toilet and I am constipated and barely able to pass gas. It almost feels like contractions when you give birth. But nothing will come out. During that time I am in such pain, and very nauseous. I either sweat or get the chills. It feels like I am blocked up. Eventually I will pass gas and then major diarrhea. My mouth gets terribly dry. This diarrhea relieves my pain symptoms. I have had two colonscopies in which they can never get me fully asleep. Each time I have had three polyps biopsied and they all came back fine. At one they said I have diverticulitis and internal hemeroids. Because of my severe symptoms I was given a barium test which did not show much. After that an endoscopy was done and showed extreme stomach erosion. (Quite possibly from my excederin pm.) I have cut back on that now. But I still do not understand what is causing me this pain. Does anyone know what is happening to me?
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replied November 22nd, 2007
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Well, what are you eating?

Have you created a food journal. Track your food intake for 4-6 weeks --- maybe you need a drastic lifestyle change in order to start feeling better!
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