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Bladder Problem Is Affecting My Eyes Really Badly.

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Hi, In part desperation I'm turning to the internet to try and get some meaning to all this. I really need this sorting out soon as its really getting me down. I'm a 28 year old man who was previously very healthy before all this rubbish started happening.

It started many months ago. I stupidly drank from a bottle of wine in which the cork was damaged and infected. I only had a few sips but I knew I'd done something a bit silly and I threw most of the bottle away. Anyway the next morning I awoke and needed the toilet. After I thought I'd finished I started to walk back to bed and I was still urinating.

I decided to see if my body would fix itself as I don't really like going to the doctor. During the first week or so my eyes went really bad. To be more specific they went extremely dry and very red, my right eye was the worst, with a horrible set of capillaries forming on the surface to the left of my iris. I work with computers and look at TFT screens all day and this was becoming very difficult. Previous to the bladder infection I was able to look at screens all day and my eyes would be perfectly white, no problems whatsoever (I did have a touch of dry eye syndrom in 2005 but that was to do with my old CRT monitor - as soon as I bought a TFT I was fine). I was also urinating a lot (what went in basically went straight out again). I also started to have a very dry mouth at night, it got so bad I would wake up after 3 hours sleep really thirsty and wide awake not able to get back to sleep, like if I'd been drinking alcohol.

Anyway I went to my doctors and told her my symptoms and she thought I might have diabetes. I also had some indigestion and was prescribed Omeprazole for that. Luckily the diabetes results came back fine. At first I didn't link my eyes with my bladder and thought my bladder problem was linked to my bad stomach (which I'd had for a year or two). It all got very confusing and I didn't really put 2 + 2 together, with the effect that I was probably carrying around a bladder infection for 5 months.

Still not thinking it could be bladder related in desperation I went to my opticians and got my eyes re-tested and got some new spectacles. The opticians (Specsavers) didn't spot anything bad with my eyes and said my red eyes were to do with being sensitive to the prescription. I soldered on with work over summer and looking back I was very foolish stressing my eyes so much. With my eyes still not good and my bladder still bad I went to my doctor again, this time a locum, who did a urine sample there and then. It came back positive, and gave me a two week course of Trimethoprim 200mg twice a day.

After the course of antibiotics my bladder still didn't feel the same. The tightness of urinating pre-infection wasn't there. My eyes were still bad too and I was still getting mouth dryness at night. Scary thing is I went to see my doctor, a new doctor this time, and she said get an eye test again, so I did and the glasses I got barely six months ago are useless now and I need some new glasses. My eyes have deteriorated quite badly. I'm really scared. When I was at my doctors she also took a urine sample to send to the lab to see what type of bacteria it is so she can prescribe me a more specific anti-biotic and I rang up today only to be told there was 'no abnormalities' with the sample, whatever that means.

So I'm typing this now really worried. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow but I don't know what's going to happen. My bladder doesn't feel right, the feeling of wanting to urinate comes and goes, and I'm still dry at night waking up after a few hours sleep. My eyes are as sore as hell still and work is becoming such a chore I wake up not wanting to go to work. But whether my doctor takes any notice of me is another thing.

Can anyone related these symptoms with a bladder problem? I'm half tempted to get some antibiotics off the web and self administer them if my doctor doesn't prescribe any tomorrow. I'm really at a wits end here.

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replied December 5th, 2007
Well... I this probably isn't going to help a lot but I'll bring it up on the off chance that it does.

I have also heard of bad alcohol causing eye problems from the TV news awhile back. This happens in Russia from illegal breweries that are made in people's basements. They screw up the brewing process and it actually becomes a kind of poison. It causes a lot of problems and people who drink it have eyes that turn yellow. You didn't say anything about off-colored eyes and said this was bacterial so I'm guessing they are unrelated... but then again, what kind of bacteria can survive in alcohol... or maybe both weren't really alcohol and both had something in them. I really have no idea.
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replied July 23rd, 2008
Could be yeast
I had similar problem.

I'm a programmer so need to use the computer.

Tried bowel cleanse,
liver cleanse wich healped out alot. Did a 5 day juice fast and got back to near normal. Had 2 days off where ui Had sugar and flour and eyes started to play up again.

Also increased good bacteria and brought some cloustrum wich helped out but the buttom line was reduce flour and sugar. My income depends on computers and get paid relatively well for it so I will do anything to fix them. I think the cure is realitively easy, remove flour and sugar but in reality very hard as most places food have. So far my eyes are ner normal but I have to keep on top of them,
I have however noticed a significant improvement in my health.

Hope this helps
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