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I've been seizure free for 2 year until this past saturday.

Aside from intense pain in my torso, i've noticed my waking life seems dream like, and the days seem to pass much quicker than before. My sleeping patterns have gone awry, and my memories of the past couple days seem skewed in some way.

I've chalked the pain up to simply overworked muscles due to the fit. I'm in very good health, my diet is proper and I excercise regularly, so I suspect that the pain has been caused by my very strong torso muscles spasming much more intensely than before, when I was in less good health. Does this sound legit? I have yet to see a doctor, but I live in canada so the social health care system (sounds like a blessing doesn't it?) doesn't work so quickly, and in my experience the doctors are only going to answer every question with an "i dunno?" and a stupid look. Does anyone know about strokes being confused as seizures? That may explain the pain.

More importantly is the dream-like feeling that my entire days are filled with. It seems that this last episode has !**@! everything up. My eating habits are wrong, I can't find the energy to work out, and as I mentioned my memories are all confused. My sleeping patterns parallel an insmoniac's and my dreams, though I can't remember them fully, are vivid as my waking life now. Anybody ever had this feeling? I can explain it as either, 1. Questioning reality, or 2. Loosing my sanity.

Logically speaking, I would suspect that my mental state may be affected by some kinda onset depression caused by the seizure, which would explain the low energy, irregular dietary habits, inability to sleep, and dream-like waking life. Does anybody out there know anything about depression as a side-effect of epilepsy? In addition, as you may be able to tell, I make my mental/physical well being a high daily priority. I work from home, and then never too hard, so I don't deal with much stress and when I do I deal with it well. So my question is more in relation to a physical change caused by the seizure that may be affecting my current mental health, rather than a emotional change.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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