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Tiny Specks on My Feet = Bug bites w/rash + blisters

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I went hiking about 1 1/2 months ago in SE Oklahoma. This was during the height of bug season, and when I got home, I noticed that I had tiny specks all over the tops of my feet that looked like paprika. They were actually tiny tiny bugs, and I picked them all off. The next day, I had VIOLENT itching all over the tops of my feet, and developed a rash all over my feet (not the bottoms, just the tops and sides) that was individual blister-welts about 1mm to 2mm in size. There were literally about 100 on each foot. After about a week and a half, the blisters went away, but the itch was still there. The itch is STILL horrible after 1 1/2 MONTHS of this agony, and allthough the appearance is somewhat better, there is still an itchy red rash all over my feet.

What in the world is this? I thought it was chiggers, but chiggers don't last this long. I went on this camping trip with my boyfriend, and while he had the same problem initially, his went away in about 3 weeks, and now, he is fine - not even a bit of scarring. His feet look like nothing ever happened, and mine look like I lost the war. Confused javascript:emoticon('Confused')
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replied August 26th, 2010
Tiny bugs and feet rash.

I'm having exactly the same problem. Did you ever find out what it was?

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