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Very Dry Sinus, Throat, Lips, Mouth, And Lungs

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i have very dry sinuses, throat, mouth, lips, and lungs. this causes my sinuses to get infected almost every other month and lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. it also cases a secondary lung infection every time. this has been going on for a little over a year, since i quit chewing tobacco. i noticed that i was becoming dry so i decided to quit. then the dryness got even worse and then i quit smoking pot and the dryness got even worse. my doctor just prescribes sybicort and nosonex. they don't work but i take them so he cant say that I'm not following through with the treatment. we did allergy tests and I'm not to anything. all immune deficiency and hormone tests are good "normal".the cat scans of my sinus and lungs find a minor sinus disease. he says just to keep doing the medication. i do have some saliva and mucus but it is very thin and does not provide protection from the above body parts from getting very irritated. someone please help! i am so desperate. i wake up with dread every day that i am still alive and have to live with this. also i don't smoke anything now and have not smoked cigarettes for 10 years and only did for about 4 years.
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replied November 30th, 2010
dry nose and mouth
Some medication actually cause very dry mouth and can affect your nasal passages as well. I dealt with the same problem and ended up with dental problems because of the dry're right to persist in looking for an answer. Check the meds you take for side-effects and while you search for your answers, Biotene can help keep your mouth moist, in the mean time. I've read that a dab of sesame oil in your nostril can help, but I would check with your doctor before trying anything like that. I use a CPAP for sleep Apnea, and I've noticed that when I fell asleep without it, I wake up feeling like my tongue is velcroed to the roof of my mouth because I am breathing through my mouth instead of my noise. IOW, there are tons of reasons for which your mouth and nose (etc) can feel too dry. I wish you the best of luck in your search.
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