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Last Baby I had Placenta Accreta - will it happen again?

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Hello all prego's!
I am 24 weeks pregnant with baby #5:confused. Last baby I supposedly had placenta accreta. Eventhough I have never had any problems what so ever with any vaginal delivery or pregnancy in the past. So about 5-10 minutes after baby came out they started pulling out my placenta-why? I dont know exactly-there very well could have been a reason. Anyways-14 hours later my husband called someone in because he thought something wasnt right. Well it turns out I had lost 6 units of blood and I needed an emergancy D&C and a blood transfusion of 4 units. Anyways-it sounds horrible-it could've been way worse and it also couldve been preventable to some extent had the nurses been weighing my pads and notice I had lost a considerate amount of blood-enough to die. I start seeing a perinatologist on Monday for the rest of the pregnancy just to be on the safe side. The clinic says worst case senario is I end up with a hystorectomy. There arent any risks involved for baby.
My question is has anyone had to deal with this before and if so did it happen again in another pregnancy? Any be honest I think the doc just pulled it out because he didnt want to wait around. I could have sued them but I didnt I was jsut glad to have my life and my newborn safe and healthy.
Thank you ans sorry it's so long.
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