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Dizzy Flutters In Head- Really Scared :(

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Hi, I'm 20, and all day i've been having these weird feelings in my head, it's like dizzyness but it only lasts a second, like a little flutter.
When i woke up my eyes were bloodshot and sticky, and they're still very red and slightly sore, i don't know whether this is related.

My head feels kind of heavy too. I drank a coffee earlier, and at first i thought it was just caffeine, but that was a long time ago now and it's not gone.

It's probably nothing but it's really worrying me. And it's getting slightly worse.

A few weeks ago i kept getting a really heavy feeling in my heart, not pain but a strange tightness, i don't know if it's to do with that?
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replied March 4th, 2009
I was soo scared to look this up!!! I have flutters on the right side of my head, and pressure like pain between my eyes and then here comes the headache. i have gotten very dizzy at times with the other symptoms. my chest and my feet seem to get heavy also and i twitch in my legs and my hands. i often see my finger move on it's on. SCARY!!!!!I think it mostly happen when i'm anxious like when i'm about to get off work!!
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