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High blood pressure returned - should I stay in school?

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I am a 38 year old female from a family with a history of high blood pressure,stroke and heart disease.
Ealier in the year,I joined a community college inorder to upgrade my science courses and be able to get into nursing.I was succesful except my blood pressure went up after a few months into the program.My doctor started treatment with a small dose of Novo-Hydrazide-12.5ml.This lowered the pressure for a few days and then it rose again. I started taking a full tab for it .This also seemed to work for some time and my pressure again went back to an average of 156/101. I now take atenolol together with Hydrazide but find the side effects sometimes real nasty.It has however taken care of chest pain which I have suffered from ever since my blood pressure went up.
My mitral valve was found to have a mild-moderate leak but all other tests were found to okay.
I am now in full time studies trying to become a nurse but I amnot sure if this will make my health worse or whether I should consider trying something less stressful.I weigh 135 lbs and try to exercise daily.Please let me know what you think about my prognosis given the fact that I have five children at hme ranging in age from 2yrs.-14yrs.
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replied October 19th, 2007
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Can you ask for another combination of medicines to treat high blood pressure?
Did you talk with your doctor about finding the most suitable combination of drugs and about the time when to expect full improvement?
How is your blood pressure when you are less stressed?
Have you practiced healthy diet (fruits and vegetables, low salt concentration and low fat diary products) before and after taking medicines?
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