greetings am a 50 yr old who had a stroke in march doing better now..want to talk w others who had a stroke or their spouse/partner had one in last yr or living in assisted living place and waiting on SSDI am keeping as positive as possible and like tom see all goodness in the small things in life...also any single women who need to share too, am a social worker, and photographer, chef too when healthy..bye for now matt aka mcmatt
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replied October 15th, 2007
Extremely eHealthy
Now this is wierd. I realize that this topic is probably in the wrong place but, I could not help but answer.
I am a 60 year old young lady that had a brain hemorage back in 03 and doing fine with that now. Since, I have had multiple illness which I won't go into. I also am in the appeal stage of SSDI. I was in the heath care field for 23 years and was a mental health tech for about 4-5 years. Both with teens and substance abuse. I am a freelace nature photographer and love it.
Unfortunatly I am a single lady and very happy. I love to cook, just don't have the need to really anymore with just my son and I.

So, your not alone matt and I wish you the best of luck on your SSDI.

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replied December 25th, 2007
Happy holidays.
I am a 53 year old woman who had a brain hemmorage last February. I have made alot of progress but I seem to have plateaued. I initially had no use of my right side but with alot of pt and ot I have use of my right hand and arm with weekness in my shoulder. My leg has not made such good progress. I walk with a cane and I wear an AFO (brace). Does anyone know of anyone who has made significant improvement at this stage of the game.
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