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Hi, I am a 36 year old male with Crohn's disease and degenerative disc disease. I am looking for some releif from back pain. Right now I am in the filing stages for disability and am awating approval on medicaid. Seeing a doctor on a constant basis is hard since bills have to come first and income is very limited. The last doctor I saw for my back pain had me on 114 Percocet 7.5 mg a month. Yes, if I haven't had Percocet for a while, it will at least take my mind off of it for a day or to, but after that, it really does nothing, even taking it every 4 hours. Any ideas on how to cope with this, and if I do get my medicaid soon, any ideas to talk to my doctor about? I have been doing research on the morphine pump and from what I have read it really has helped some people out. Thanks for any help.
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replied October 16th, 2007
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I have a herniated disc with narrowing in L2-3. I have to buy a TENS unit outright because medicaid will not pay for rental. I am on Vicodin ES three times a day for this latest flair-up. On half of a Vicodin seems to help alot, so I am trying to keep it down to that. Only thing is the first couple days back on it wires me and I can't get any sleep. Was up last night almost every hours. Not from pain, but from the medication. I will probably spend most of today in bed. Waiting for a call back from a medical supply company that says they can probably beat the $99.00 price I got somewhere else. So, looks like I will be buying a TENS unit.


Up-Date: I found a store that is going to beat that price and sell me a brand new one for just $68.00! Can't beat that one. They are going to hold it for me (which I though was very nice) untill the 25th when my son gets paid.
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