I have several problems. I have listed them in hopes that someone will have, or preferably have had, my symptoms and can tell me what to look for, watch out for, eat, drink, or ask doctors specific test to run. I don't know if they're all related or not. Thank you:

1) Constant muscle "twitching," throughout my body but primarily in my left calf. The twitching moves around in my body from second to second, day to day, etc. More than occasionally my right thumb will twitch as if I'm sending an SOS. Not one doctor (there have been 4-5) expressed any concern with it being something serious, such as ALS or MS. (I however, have my own doubts about their concern) All have suggested drinking Gatorade, eating bananas, or taking supplements. THAT DID NOT WORK! This does not affect my day to day life, other than when it first started about 2 years ago (now 32yrs. old), I had to learn to cope with the frustration and constant irritation of it all; I do not exhibit any wild bodily movements, etc. (yet?) Obviously I have some concerns about it being something that is serious, but at an early stage. I will soon be seeing a neurologist.

2) About 2 months ago I developed tightness in my upper back, near my right shoulder blade and spine, and occasionally my neck. My spine seems slightly sore but not sure if it's from everyones elbows! Massage therapists have not yet worked, nor has my Chiro.

3) I feel my heart skip beats. NO PAIN, but scary! It feels as though my entire world freezes for a second. This also comes and goes. For example, the entire last week I had it happen constantly (very frightening to me). Today, however, I didn't. I went to the ER last week because it went from a feeling that I would get maybe once a month or every couple of weeks, to an all day long, every 10th beat feeling. The doc ran CT, blood work, heart monitor, EKG, blood pressure, etc. He said he could find nothing. He checked my: gallbladder - ok, liver - exhibited slightly abnormal signs, heart - ok, spleen - ok.... I'm not sure what he said about the pancreas. He sent me home and told me to see a cardio asap. (appt. on wednesday)

4) I have also recently (last 4 months) been feeling full most of the time, which also means that I feel that it's hard to breath. It's like I can't ever get a full breath. I am over-weight, and think that might be part of the cause, but nobody else in my family who is over-weight has expressed the same. I feel real full after eating, and definitely cannot "put it away" at the buffet like I used to (certainly some of this is age related). I have been exercising, walking, etc. but this does not seem to affect the bloated feeling. I've taken, pepto, gas-ex, etc. Nothing really seems to help. I feel as though I can't really lie on my stomach for too long, and when I do, I'll have a stomach ache for a bit. Now, 4 days ago a bad case of diarrhea has come on and has not gone away. I took Pepto for 2 days and thought I was better. Now, I'm on Imodium AD. I just don't know what to do other than keep drinking water. Oh, no vomiting, frequently feel nauseous, and sometimes feel as though someone hit me in my upper abdomen.

Quick recap: muscle twitching throughout body w/no pain, heart skipping beats frequently w/no pain, upper back tightness w/ moderate pain, lack of "full breath" feeling, nausea, bloating, stomach aches/pains and diarrhea for 4 days. Please HELP!!!
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