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Can a Single Guy Adopt a Girl(s)?

Hi...just to let you know about myself:

-I am 18 years old
-My testicles and penis have not developed fully
-2% of my sperms are alive
-I have no erections, only weak soft ones
-My body is grotesquely out of proportion

Now after all these problems, I will never date or love a woman. You must understand why...If I am cured god blessing...I will date and adopt...if not...then I will never date but I will still adopt...I have never touched a girl sexually or in a loving manner...

Now my problem is clear and on top due to my hormones I have masculine and feminine brain...which is more depressing...I feel trapped in between...

Now due to my hormones I have a rare condition which makes me want to nurture and love children, more so than a woman...(Please I am here to only hear from caring, passionate, open minded and logical people...I do not want traditional narrow minded people telling me a man cannot nurture children).

I am very good with kids, on my street there are children, boys and girls, and I talk to them and play with them. I am very relaxed and an open person, and their parents know me...of course who will be stupid enough to go with a random child lol...

Anyhow, considering my problems what else can I do in life? I know what I can do:

-Work in my education (in hope I can provide financial support for my adopted kids...)
-Training (boxing and swordsmanship) to help pass time
-Find a logical step for people like me to help them and to scrutinise the NHS for poor doctors and caring...(it is about time the doctors get some criticism)
-And to fight an evil ideology that is spreading on this world...

This is my life...if I am not cured...

Now I want people to realsie me and who I am, and I do not want to hear perverted sick jokes...

I want to adopt 2-3 I can love them and bring them happiness...I have so many plans on how to raise them, in a fun and creative they can see me as a friend, a father and a mother. It is a sweet relationship, of a father and daughter...any man here knows what I mean?

I am an Indian, but I want to adopt white girls. Please do not fall to perverted talks as the West is very sexist towards a variety of ways...I am sick and tired of a man being called a paedophile for wanting to nurture for children...but when it is a woman this never is the 21st century...women are having thier give us men some...My sister tells me it is odd...the foolish brain of an average human being is sick...If I am not cured and I cannot adopt...I do not really see myself worthy of living...I am in a point of no return...and I swear death is calling me...I want happiness...either it be a woman...or by the love of my adopted children... Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

I want to show the break of traditionalism and also help impose more diversity by this...(adopting white girls)

On top, I find children cute...I prefer girls more so than boys, but we all have our choices (please there are people who pray it is a boy or pray it is a girl when a child is in the mother's womb) not say this is perverted please...I am sick of this narrow minded thought...

I am not sure what I want to do if I could adopt, here is a mini-dream for me to think on away from my depression and miserable life:

-3 girls
-2 girls
-or one girl and one boy
-or 2 girls and one boy

Now I know I have to prove myself over the years in terms of:

-Natural mother care methods/knowledge...
-And most of all personal and professional approval i.e. family and work experience with evidence and contacts to all whom recommend me.

Now what I mean by work experience is:

-Go to primary/elementary schools and work there voluntarily,
-Go to care homes voluntarily and work,
-Go to orphanges
-Within all of this engage in activities with the children
-Foster some children within my younger years (once approved)
-Eventually adopt...

But this will start this year, I am 18 and I will hope that I can prove myself over the decade...I will inform to all the work experience I do...and thus make sure I get contact details and certificates to add to my personal profile...

Now this work experience is not is only the professional term...I love children heart ponders with joy when I see girls and cute...and innocent...sometimes I cry due to my problems...having children will take rid of my miseries...I literally love kids...I mean to a caring point...I have like 7 kids playing with me (on the street > a very close society) and I know perfectly well how to control them and love them...they love sweet...and their mothers mentioned they see me as an makes me feel special Crying or Very sad

If I cannot have the love of a woman...I would honorably sacrifice my life for adoptive that when they grow to being young women...they can hug me and say they are proud of me...

Dam I have so many nurting, educational, games, adventurous, food experimentation etc etc etc etc....ideas.

I know I have to prove myself and this will be hard work.

Now all I am here for is, for advice, guidance, rules etc. It helps as a starting point...

I have been straight to the point...I cannot waste my time writing essays on my problems...I have written and researched consisting of over 120 pages of notes...

Please me.... Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
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replied October 29th, 2007
Extremely eHealthy
Sounds like you will make a great daddy and I see no reason why you could not adopt when you are ready. Wonderful how you love kids and it is such a feeling to be loved back.

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replied December 19th, 2007
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I wish i could help more. It sounds like you would make a great parent though!
And also, you may not se things the way i do, but i strongly beleave there is a true love out there for everyone, dont give up hope just yet.
This is prob going to sound strang lol
but the wheel of luck is always turning, even though it may be going down right now, it eventualy has to go back up!

Goood luck to you I hope everything goes well!
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replied January 4th, 2009
I honestly can't give much advice...Im only 15 but you really sound like an inspiring guy. It's so sad that you say 'My body is grotesquely out of proportion', because you seem to have such an amazing personality and it must be so frustrating for you if you do not look <right>. It makes me want to cry that our world has got to the place where people rely so much on looks alone. To be honest, from what I've read just now...If you had a 'normal' body and your sexual organs 'functioned properly'...this matched with your personality would be so great you'd be fighting the girls off! I'm very sorry that you dont have the 'perfect' body...but let me tell you there are some FIT guys out there who are total mindless sh*ts who dont care about anyone and you are a MILLION times better than them!

Its heartwarming that youv got such an incredible gift of the pure love of children Smile you would make an incredible parent! I dont want to crush any dreams but just to let you know, kids can be VERY difficult! they are fab up til teenage years but things start to go wrong then Smile lol just make sure you know what your doing cos i think having 3 girls in the house with only one parent would be incredibly difficult. Also because they would be adopted there is alot of problems that can be attached...many girls struggle with talking to their real fathers about their problems and as you would not be their real father then they could not want to talk to you...
ie. GIRLS GET PERIODS. Im sure you know this lol but have you thought about what theyd do when they first start menustrating? who would they tell?
Im sorry if im dampened your enthusiasm or offended you in any way...its just that bringing up 3 children would be very challenging for a single parent i think.
but yeah, if your fine about that id say do your reasearch and GO FOR IT!
You seem like an amazing guy and i hope you have a great life!
Hugs x
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replied July 26th, 2010
Are you nuts? You're not even 21. I think a girl would develop better with NORMAL father, no offence homie. Why you like to adopt girls anyway instead of boys? Although you're saying you're not pervert, but i find myself HARD to believe. I think your application wouldn't be applied anyway by adoption center wherever you're, so why i bother myself type this nonsense.
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replied April 20th, 2012
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It's weird enough that you are interested in adopting girls instead of either gender, but... white girls? Why on Earth should the child's ethnicity matter to you? Some people want a child of the same race as they are to help them relate I guess, but you're not even white. Why not adopt black or Asian kids? This all sounds like it's too much about your benefit and not enough about the kids'.
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