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Do people w/ MS Dx have high white blood cell counts?

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Do people with multiple sclerosis have high white blood cell counts?
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replied October 18th, 2007
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In my research it has said that MS actually feeds off your immune system. I poosibilly have MS and already have low immune system from MRSA so I have opted out of taking the once a week shot. Cause it my lower it even more.
I go to see an MS neuro specialist on the 2nd of Nov. Looks pretty conclusive IMHO right now.
Actually when they do an LP (Lumbar Puncture) to determain MS, they are taking sample of you immue-globulin from you spin. And with my immune out of wack, mine would probably come back false neg. So, I am niether having that one for that reason.
I would think your white count would be low with MS. Mine is within normal range but, low normal.

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