I had a filling replaced the other day; that evening there was some mild pain and the next morning I noticed my left cheek had swollen up a little bit. The next day and the (what I assumed anyway to be the) gumline around that tooth was inflamed and my cheek was swollen even more. On the gum of the tooth which was filled there was a smallish reddy pore.

Whatever it was it seems to have burst and had gone by the evening, but still this morning my cheek was still noticeably swollen.

This has happened once before when I had a filling replaced and it was suggested then that it was an abscess. A course of Amoxicillin and it cleared up quite quickly. This time however there is very little pain, just an occasional ache every now and then - does this sound like an abscess? And how long should it take for the swelling to go down (not been able to see my doctor/dentist yet)?

Finally as this is the second time this has happened should I consider changing dentists or is it something which occurs more naturally as opposed to incompetence?

Thank you.
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replied October 15th, 2007
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i would go into that same dentist at first. if he wont listen to you or do anything to help you ---then id go and get a different dentist. it doesnt sound normal to me but that is just my opinion. does anyone else see it differently?
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