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Irritated Meatus + Burning Sensation When Peeing.

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Hi I'm 17 years old.

The meatus looks slightly red and slightly inflamed (worse after masturbating, which is usually 1-2 times a week). There is a burning sensation when I pee (unless it is very clear urine/strong stream) only at the very tip, which leads me to believe the Meatus itself is inflamed, and it is not some problem in the urethra.

This problem has been persisting for four + years, and the first time I went to the doctor I was told it was my foreskin (not retractable) which was irritating it. The frenulum was tight or something like that, and after discussion with doctor/urologist, and a couple of urinal analysis (to check for infections etc), I got a circumsision at age 16. This helped the non retractable foreskin problem (obviously), but did nothing for the meatus.

I've been given unprotected oral sex a couple times, but the issue started before that, so I'm so sure it is an STD or anything. I've seen a doctor a couple times about it and they keep saying it is nothing, simply an irritation. I am a competitive distance runner and train alot in running shorts, so there will be rubbing there.

It's not so much an appearance problem, doctors have said it is only slightly pronounced, the burning just slightly irritates me. If it really is nothing, I could probably live with it but I really want to know what the issue is. Is it a soap I am using (dove), or is it lubrication for masturbation (generally just lotion) ? I recently used shampoo (BAD idea, I know) and it got a fair bit worse. Do I just have a really sensitive glans?

Help me out here!?
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replied October 13th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
It could be soap or lotion. This kind of thing is really common in women, and I think it might apply here. Do an experiment. Try not using soap on your penis (I know, you might think that's gross but all you really need is a good rinse, I promise.) And if you need lube for masturbation, buy some ky jelly or lubricant made for sex, something nice and basic, water based would be nice as the oil based or silicone based sometimes irritates people. See if you do these things and be really nice to your penis if it gets better.

Otherwise go back to the doc and really push the issue. Have you ever been tested for a bacterial infection?
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replied October 14th, 2007
Thanks for the advice! I will definately try this and see if there is any improvement. If there is none, I have a physical coming up so I will present the issue to the doc. I'm not actually sure what I have been tested for, I know I had a yeast infection (after finally getting rid of the foreskin, had not been able to clean there for 16 years...), and was given cream to treat that, but that was more towards the base and not the tip, and that problem seems to have gone away.
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