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Hit My Arm 4 Weeks Ago

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I am going to start off and say that about a year and a half ago, I opened my closet and a rather heavy box fell on my left wrist. I had no pain, only a prominant bump where I was hit. I figured since it didnt hurt, I didnt need to go to the doctor. I thought maybe it was just swollen, but it never went away after a year and a half.

Four weeks ago, I ran into a door handle and hit my wrist in that exact same spot and was a little sore for a couple days, and the prominant bump got a little bigger. About a week after that, I started getting a shooting pain in my hand, and whenever I used that hand a lot, I would start to get tingling in my fingers.

I went to my doctor, they did an x-ray and nothing showed up. He put me on an anti-inflammatory to hopefully get rid of what he thought was the soft tissue being swollen. My wrist hasnt gotten any better and I am wondering what could be wrong with it.
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