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had TMJ since i was 12 and i'm now 21. throughout all this time i've done braces, changed eating habits, physical therapy, tried the sport things you put in your mouth while sleeping, but they're just too bulky and make me gag so i gave up on those. absolutely nothing has worked including the relaxation exercises at home. my ortho had said if it gets really bad i could opt for surgery. i havent gone to him in years now since my braces are done, but i have been seeing different kaiser doctors and i went to the only TMJ "specialist" in my area. he said physical therapy (which i did and no help), injections (he did not say what kind). i asked him about surgery because i had heard of it before and he said "what do you expect me to do once i cut you open? (jerk) i could take out your jaw bone, but id have to replace it with one of your ribs, and im sure you dont want that" the guy was a complete jerk which i didnt appreciate. so the bottom line, is what kind of surgery have you folks heard of or gone through? if u had it, did it help? how is botox injections?? how do i know if i go to a dentist, ortho, cosmetic surgeon? any any ANY advice you could give me would be so greatly appreciated because its definately gotten worse in the past couple years and i am so over dealing with it, im ready for the pain to leave!!well i've
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replied October 12th, 2007
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botox will work but it only releives pain for 3 to4 months and is expensive. surgery is the last option. i sent you a pm with a suggestion. I do not trust any one that calles themself a tmj specialist. whenever i went to a "specialist" i knew more than he did. and yes most of them are complete jerks. I did send you a suggestion. I would like to say the the braces probably made the tmd worse. often they are the cause. sport guards and the night guards that you get at a drug store are never a good idea to use as they are made on a one size fits all basis which is ludacrious. we are all different. it is best to have one made by a dentist for YOUR mouth. these most of the time are not too bulky.

use heat and ice--and take 4 ibuprophen with food and plenty of water. if you need any thing im here.

I know that you think you went to the only tmj specialist in the area. not so. Ive found doctors sitting under peoples noses that are extremly good.

what are all of your symptoms?
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