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My Stomach Hurts!

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That sounded like a little kid, but Im serious...My stomach hurts.

It is really high in my stomach right about at the point that your rib cages come together below your brest bone.

Yesterday, I felt like I had really bad heartburn or what I think is heartburn. It seemed like nothing I ate or drank relieved the feeling. THen last night during the night, I kept waking up to sharp shooting pains in that area like they were cramping or something.

Today is the same, but not quite as bad. Im about to go to bed and I just hope that it doesnt happen again tonight.

Does this sound like an ulcer?

I had one when I was in college because I was taking naproxin 500 without any food and it caused an ulcer. The pains kinda feel the same, but it was 10 years ago and I don't really remember that well.

The only thing that I can think that might have caused it is that I have been sick for the past two weeks with a sinus infection. I have taken a lot of otc medicine and I recently went to the doctor and she game me LoDrane D that I have been taking since monday.
One other thing that may have agrivated the previous ulcer is that I have been eating much more candy than I usually do...Darn office candy dish!!!

So what do you think? Is their something I can take, or do I need to go to the doctor?

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replied December 27th, 2011
I'm feeling the same way, please somebody answer. I caught a cold Thursday, by Sunday(Christmas) I was stuck in the fetal position. Now it's Tuesday morning and it's still killing me. My wife had this happen to her 2 1/2 weeks ago and says she's still feels it a lil bit and that it just takes a while to go away. She is known to have a high pain tolerance. It helps to sleep sitting up or hunched over, it kills to lie down. Someone please help.
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