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Asc-h+atypical Glandular Cells;favor Neoplasia

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This is the diagnosis I just received this past Friday from my recent pap and now I am freaking out. I got referred to a specialist which was suppose to be for tomorrow but i started my period and had to re-schedule it for next Tues Mad I am so scared because now the waiting is just making me read and think and read and put one foot in the grave. I have read so much stuff some of which suggest that this diagnosis is always related to cancer and some that say there is a 1%-10% chance of having invasive cancer to some that say it is a better diagnosis then AUGUS and now I am just confused and scared and in need of some friends who have had similar diagnosis or stories of hope. I wanted to ask the doctor but it says the office is closed Crying or Very sad
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replied October 10th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
Good luck! Are they sending you to a gynecologist?

First things first. If this was from a pap smear, you will then go thru a colposcopy and a biopsy at the gyno. A pap smear is NOT diagnostic. A pap smear is to see if there are cell changes. Which they have found.

It all feels so scary, I understand. But this is not a death sentence, I promise.

Have you had a bad pap smear before?

Please make a list of ALL of your questions to ask the gyno when you go in. Its easy to think you'll remember, but once you get there, there is so much going on in your head - the questions you really want answered are forgotten.

After the biopsy, depending on what it says, you may have a LEEP. Which is easier to deal with than the biopsy and it will remove any and all of the bad cells.

Usually it takes years and years of not getting pap smears for cervical cancer to develop. Cervical cancer is the easiest cancer to be rid of. A LEEP or cryo and it is gone.

Good luck! And keep us updated.

FYI: googling symptoms and things can be reassuring if you find solid information. But I've found it doesn't always help ease the fear - there is a lot of plain JUNK on the internet.
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replied November 24th, 2010
Back in January of 2009 I had pap smears come back with mild dysplasia and inflammation. By the time I went back for my 6 month follow up, I was pregnant. I had my 6 week post pardum check up on April 2010 and found atypical glandular cells. He did a coloscopy and found nothing. I had a follow up pap in September and they found atypical glandular cells / endocervical adeneocarcinoma can’t be ruled out. My doctor decided to do a D&C and a LEEP. The results of where he scraped my uterus and cervix came back negative. The piece of cervix he removed came back High Grade Squamous Cells with clear margins. Pathology sent my results for a second and third opinion because they can’t find where the atypical glandular cells are coming from. The third result has not come back yet. My doctor seems puzzled. He said that I should come back for a follow up pap in four months. Where could they be coming from and should I be worried that I have two different abnormal cells showing up?
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