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Weird Feeling In My Head -Is it a Tumor ?

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I'm a kid who suffers panic attacks, for instance. When ever something feels wrong I think something is wrong with me. Like if my chest hurts I feel like I may have something wrong with my lungs. Well I have this weird feeling in the right side of my head, and it's doing it at this moment. It feels as if there is something is side, and it feels kinda warm at the moment. And I don't know if it's just me worrying too much, but my eye's are messing with me. It feels as if my vision is getting blurry. I haven't taken my Sertraline HCL in awhile so I ended up taking 50 mg today. See now going back to what I said about me thinking something is wrong with me when something feels weird. I'm thinking to my self I may have a tumor in my head, so it's getting me all worked up.
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replied October 16th, 2007
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Hi ImportRacer8107!

Sorry for delayed post.
How are you? What happened week ago when you were having blurred vision?
Did you experience other strange symptoms, too?
I'm afraid you got the blurred vision as a result of discontinuing your treatment and increasing your dosage by yourself.
Blurred vision together with other symptoms such as seizures, abnormal bleeding or bruising and hallucinating (seeing things or hearing voices that do not exist) are serious side effects from using this drug.
For how long you are taking this medicine?
50mg of Sertraline usually is used as a initial dose or after a week of doubling the initial dose.
You should know that dose changes are made only by your doctor and should not occur at intervals of less than 1 week. Do not take more or less of it or take it more often than prescribed by your doctor.
Do not stop taking sertraline without talking to your doctor.
If you missed a dose try to take it as soon as possible, but if it's already a time for a another dose, skip the missed dose. Never used doubled dose to make up for the missed one.

If you still have blurred vision, please, call your doctor!

Waiting for your post!
Best wishes!
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