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What Do You Do to Make You Happy Or What Makes You Happy

stressed out and having some problems, want to do something to make me happy for once. Tell me what you do to become happy so i can try it out
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replied October 9th, 2007
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Hanging out with girls that flirt with you, or catching girls that stare at you. That always brings me up.
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replied October 11th, 2007
Depending on your sex I guess Razz
I usually like to do activities that require a lot of physical work, like sports, or working out, but I prefer not to. Lifting weights is boring enough to let your mind wander instead of concentrate. If you've got a special little SO, hang out with them but promise yourself not to talk about what's got you in a knot.
A better solution would be to make a list of what stresses you out. Things may seem like a big deal but after you've listed everything and written how you're going to deal with it, beside it...It's really not so bad after all.
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